4 Fun Soft Play Centres For Children In Dubai

4 Fun Soft Play Centres For Children In Dubai

Dubai soft play center is a fun place for children aged 10 months to eight years to play. It is equipped with extensive safety measures and offers a variety of activities for children. The children’s play areas are designed to encourage cognitive and social development. There is also a cafe where parents can sit and watch their children play. Read this article to get info about soft play in Dubai.

Cheeky Monkey:

This award-winning play area features interactive games and activities encourage social interaction and communication. It is an ideal place for children aged 10 months to eight years. Cheeky Monkeys has several locations around Dubai. In addition to providing fun activities for children, it also offers birthday parties and arts and crafts sessions. It is located at Residence Boulevard 2, Downtown Dubai. A visit here is bound to be an unforgettable experience for your children.

Orange Wheels:

Orange Wheels is another fun soft play center. This center is a great choice for a day out with the family. This center features a two-floor activity area, which provides soft play and birthday party rooms. The center also has a café where parents can enjoy organic coffee while their children play. There are also membership programs for families.


OliOli is one of the best indoor soft play centers in Dubai. The play area is designed for children aged two to eleven. With over forty exhibits, the center provides a hands-on learning experience. Guests can spend time exploring the different themed play zones.


KidZania is another indoor soft play center where kids can spend time learning valuable skills for their future. The center offers 60 role-play activities where kids can take on any profession. The woo-hoo interactive entertainment center even has a toddler-friendly environment where kids can play in a city based on a realistic scale replica of the real world. Kids can learn about money management by helping to manage the economy while engaging in role-play activities.

This soft play center is located in the Dubai international financial center and offers fun activities for all ages. Its hands-on activities include building walls, playing with slime, and wearing neon vests. It is also available for booking online. Children can pay as little as DH 63 per session.