5 Ways To Protect Your Dental Implant Investment

5 Ways To Protect Your Dental Implant Investment

dental implant is a procedure that interfaces with the jaw bone or skull to support a dental prosthesis like a bridge, crown or denture to act as an orthodontic anchor. Considering this procedure, you should know how to take care of it effectively. Continue reading or visit https://drluisgavin.com/ to get more information on dental implants.

Use mouthwash:

There are many ways to maintain the life of your dental implants. You can start by eating a healthier diet to reduce the bacteria in your mouth. You can also use mouthwash to keep your mouth moist. This will help remove any food particles lodged between your teeth and gums. If you’re not careful, leftover food particles can cause various dental disorders. Lastly, you can use revealing tablets to monitor your oral hygiene routine. These stains will show you areas of plaque accumulation.

Care instructions:

After receiving your dental implant, it’s essential to follow the care instructions carefully to ensure a long-lasting result. Implants are made of metal, which conducts heat and cold. This means waiting for a drink or a warm dessert to cool before eating is important.


The longevity of a dental implant is an important factor to consider when choosing this type of treatment. Traditional dentures and bridges last only five to 10 years, but dental implants can last a lifetime. This means that you can save money in the long run by avoiding the need to replace the implant more than once.

Healthy eating:

Whether you have a single dental implant or several, maintaining the health of your mouth is an important aspect of dental care. Your oral health is closely related to the overall health of your body, so any new problems in your mouth can cause problems elsewhere. 

Bone grafting:

A dental bone graft is a procedure that can protect your dental implant investment. The procedure involves a small incision in the gums, exposing the jawbone. The dental bone graft material is then inserted to repair the defect. This material is often covered in a membrane to protect it from infection. After the grafting procedure, the gum tissue is repositioned, and the incision is closed with stitches.

Dental implants are expensive, and the price for a single tooth or several can run anywhere from DH 1,500 to DH 2,800. While some people only need one implant, many will need multiple. The price will also vary depending on which type of dental implants you select and how many visits you need.