6 Gorgeous Event Lighting Ideas

6 Gorgeous Event Lighting Ideas

There are several different things you can do with lighting. A good lighting plan can help create a party atmosphere that will entice guests to get out of their seats. It can also help you highlight certain aspects of your centerpieces. Whether you are planning an elaborate reception or a small gathering, there are plenty of creative ideas for outdoor event lighting.

Choose neon lights:

For a nighttime event, neon lights are a great choice. For a more subtle approach, spotlights can brighten up your space. Some LED light options can be customized to your exact needs. There are even battery-operated ones.

Use light bars:

Using light bars can be a fun way to light up your dancefloor. You can even set it up to rotate as you dance. This is a clever way to add to the ambiance of your wedding and a great way to make your guests smile.

Add LED table runner:

To host a business dinner, you should experiment with LED table runners. Adding an LED table runner to your tables can give them a more polished look. This is a great way to highlight the design of your centerpieces.

Be careful to avoid too much uplighting:

It is important to use the right types of lights for the right reasons. For instance, you should be careful to avoid too much uplighting. This can change the color of the photos you take. There is a growing trend to use broader beams of light to wash a room in a beautiful glow. This is best achieved by using flexible LED lights to create complex arrangements.

Consider hula hoops:

In the same spirit, you can also get creative with hula hoops. You can decorate these with flowers, greenery, and holiday ornaments. They are an excellent way to add a bit of pizazz to bare corners and challenging surfaces. Those who have a backyard wedding will appreciate the idea of hanging lanterns in the trees.

Incorporate LED light strips or disco balls:

Another way to light up your venue is to incorporate LED light strips or disco balls. These will add sparkle to any celebration. You can find these in a variety of colors, so you will be able to match the color scheme of your reception. It can be a fun addition to your reception, especially if you are hosting a dance party.