Reasons Behind The Success Of Online Pharmacies

Reasons Behind The Success Of Online Pharmacies

The success of online pharmacies is due to several reasons. These reasons include convenience, access, better pricing, and lower transactional costs. These reasons are also important in today’s competitive market. However, there is still a need to improve on each of them. In this article, we will discuss some of the most important factors for the success of online pharmacies. Click this to order pharmacy online in Dubai.


Online pharmacies have become increasingly popular as consumers demand greater convenience and speed. This convenience is particularly important for those who buy prescriptions on a mobile device. Many brick-and-mortar pharmacies have also embraced this trend and launched their online stores. However, setting up a successful e-commerce platform is a challenging task. Hence, many are turning to mergers and acquisitions to enter the e-pharmacy space quickly and build scale.

Lower transactional costs

Online pharmacies have flourished recently because of their low transactional costs and wider availability. They also offer greater convenience and privacy to consumers. Another benefit of online pharmacies is that there is no need to have a physical storefront. This allows online pharmacies to multiply stock-keeping units and increase their price competitiveness.

However, this advantage may come at a cost. Pharmacy costs include salaries, rent, insurance, and professional services. This reduced cost translates to reduced contact time between pharmacists and customers, which results in rushed and abbreviated service provision. Ultimately, this can result in lower customer satisfaction and quality of service.


Several factors influence the accessibility of a pharmacy. One of the most important is the perception of distance. Most studies looked at the straight-line distance, while only one analyzed perceptions of distance for rural and high-income economies. People in remote areas are more likely to consider it inconvenient to get prescribed medicines, while those with five or more regular medicines are more likely to consider it convenient. However, distance perception depends on different factors, including mobility and reliance on others.

Better pricing

As the online pharmacy industry continues to grow, new challenges are posed to this industry. The first and most important challenge is to ensure that the drugs sold through online pharmacies meet the FDA’s guidelines. Since most online pharmacies are based overseas, there is no centralized government oversight or monitoring mechanism for their quality control practices. This is a huge challenge that will require new methods of quality control and verification.