Top 5 Reasons Why People Use A Self-Storage Unit

Top 5 Reasons Why People Use A Self-Storage Unit

Most people rent self-storage units for various reasons. First and foremost, it helps them move to a new home or downsize their belongings. The next reason they use a self-storage unit is to have more space at home. Read on to find more reasons why people are considering using storage in Abu Dhabi.

Cost of renting a self-storage unit:

The cost of renting a self-storage unit depends on several factors. The size of the unit you want, the number of storage spaces you need, and the type of facility you choose all affect the cost. Larger units tend to be cheaper than smaller ones.

Security measures:

Self-storage facilities should have security measures to prevent unauthorized access to the storage units. These measures include requiring a code to access the premises or ensuring the entrance gate remains locked. A secure facility will also use surveillance technology to monitor who is entering the facility and when.

They offer door alarms:

Many self-storage facilities offer individual door alarms for each unit, which will sound if a break-in is attempted. This will alert the site management and the police to a potential break-in. However, these facilities will cost more than facilities without these alarms. In addition to individual alarms, many storage facilities install security cameras.

Video surveillance:

Video surveillance is another important part of creating a fortress in a self-storage facility. Video surveillance is an excellent deterrent against theft and vandalism. Security cameras will record anything suspicious and help the facility catch the perpetrators. There are many different video cameras, from box-style cameras that look like old VHS camcorders to more advanced models that feature pan, zoom, and thermal imaging capabilities. Some of these cameras even offer push notifications when motion is detected.


Using a self-storage unit can be very convenient for many reasons. First, it can make moving your items much easier, and in some cases, the storage facility will even provide free van service. Another advantage of using a storage unit is that it can help you reduce the burden of moving by helping you load and unload your items. In addition, self-storage facilities are flexible and will allow you to upgrade to a larger unit anytime.